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Bryton 530E GPS Computer
Bryton 530E GPS Computer Bryton 530E GPS Computer Bryton 530E GPS Computer

Bryton 530E GPS Computer




    Prahan, VIC

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Rider 530 provides the most convenient way to view, plan, ride, train, analysing and share. Be a pro while enjoying all the benefits of Rider 530.


Large and Easy to Read Display
With a large 66.04mm display, Rider 530 provides the best viewing experience. It can fit up to 12 cycling data per page (7 pages in total), allowing cyclists to have their current workout status well in hands.

Data Sync via WLAN
Using the Wireless Local Area Network technology, Rider 330 has better phone compatibility and faster data transfer capacity. It can update firmware, upload and download tracks in seconds. It can update your satellites data and upload your ride to STRAVA and TrainingPeaks automatically.

WLAN - Wireless Local Area Network
TrainingPeaks - Auto Sync
Strava - Auto Sync

Long Battery Life
If you love riding long distance on roads, Rider 530 will certainly meet your needs. It has up to 33 hours of battery life and supports power bank.

Supports Up to 85 Functions
Rider 530 provides rich data for your workout. Easy to use, yet it incorporates up to 85 functions including Time, Speed, Distance, Calorie, Cadence, Altitude, HR, LTHR, Power, Heading and Shimano Di2.

Lead the Way - Your Best GPS Device For Road Bike
Ride on a new adventure with the new Follow Track feature and never get lost ! You can plan trip via Bryton App, download gpx tracks online or use previous ride activities (History) so let Rider 530 be your personal guide. With turn by turn navigation, it offers info for distance and direction before every turn. Rider 530 is also built-in electronic compass providing specific direction, allowing you to be always on top of where you are and which direction you are heading

Customisable Workout
Rider 530 is designed to make your training systematic, smooth and easy with  the Pre-loaded test workouts and “To Plan” function or customise your workout accordingly. With one second recording function, you can work more effectively in interval trainings and have more precise data to analyze.

ASD Auto Sensor Display
Rider 530 will automatically adjust its data field display when detecting paired sensors. You can also customise your data fields/pages based on your training goals.

On Device Graphical Summary
Complete and graphical device summary (Heart Rate, Cadence, Speed, Power, Altitude) gives you a clearer picture of your workout performance while keeping track of your workout and sharing on social platforms.

STRAVA and TrainingPeaks Auto Sync
No software is needed to convert files. Workout files are automatically saved in FIT format, which can be uploaded to popular training sites. We also make it super easy for you to sync your activities from your Bryton app to Strava/TrainingPeaks by connecting your accounts.

Di2 Support
Shimano Di2 D-Fly electronic shifting system integration helps you to always be on the most effective gear for your ride.

Sync to Bryton App
Enjoy the seamless over-the-air synchronization with all new Bryton App. Your tracks and workout data can be synced via WLAN from the device to Bryton App, where you can view progress, graphical analysis and share rides on social media. With simple setup, Bryton App’s STRAVA and TrainingPeaks Auto Upload also makes it easier for you to share your activities and compare with millions. GPS Update are available for maintaining data accuracy on your device.

Low Sensor Battery Notifications 
When battery is low the data on the display blinks as a notification reminding you to up date your battery, so you’ll be ready for your next workout.

Display: 66.04mm Mono LCD
Battery Hour: 33 Hours
GPS: High-Sensitivity Chipset
Waterproof: IPX7 (Will be able to withstand immersion in water up to 1 metre for up to 30 minutes)
Alerts: Yes
Lap history: 130 laps
Log history: 300 hours
Heart rate zones: 7 zones
Operating Temperature: -10C° ~ 50C°


- Bluetooth Compatible
- Display 65mm
- Sound
- ASD Auto Sensor Display
- Auto Scroll
- Train and Test Workouts
- Interval Workouts
- Personalise Workouts
- Personalise Profile 
- Personalise Bike Profile 
- View Exercise/Training Record
- Follow Track
- Smart Track
- Start Reminder
- File Saving Mode
- Set Alerts
- Smart Pause
- Calibrate Compass
- Configure Auto Scroll
- Ride time 33 hours
- Customizable Data Display
- Waterproof
- Tool-free mounting
- Battery Status
- Backlight
- Data Record
- Record Reminder
- Memory Usage
- Di2 Remote Control (Integrated with Shimano electronic shifting system)
- STRAVA and TrainingPeaks Auto Sync
- WLAN (Automatically syncs to/from Bryton App)
- FIT file can be uploaded to GoldenCheetah

- Sunrise Time
- Sunset Time
- Ride Time
- Trip time
- Time
- Speed
- Average Speed
- Cadence 
- Average Cadence
- Maximum Cadence
- Lap Average Speed
- Last Lap Average Speed
- Lap Distance
- Last Lap Distance
- Lap Count
- Lap Time
- Last Lap Time
- Lap Average Heart Rate
- Last Lap Average Heart Rate
- Lap Average MHR Percentage
- Lap Average LTHR Percentage
- Lap Average Cadence
- Last Lap Average Cadence
- Odometer
- Trip 1
- Trip 2
- Temperature
- Distance
- Downhill Distance
- Uphill Distance
- Time to Destination
- Distance to Destination
- Altitude
- Maximum Altitude
- Altitude Gain
- Altitude Loss
- Gradient
- Current Power
- Average Power
- Maximum Power
- Lap Maximum Power
- Lap Average Power
- Last Lap Average Power
- 3 Seconds Average Power
- 10 Seconds Average Power
- 30 Seconds Average Power
- Maximum Aerobic Power Zone
- Maximum Aerobic Power Percentage
- Functional Threshold Power Zone
- Functional Threshold Power Percentage
- Current Left and Right Power Balance
- Average Left and Right Power Balance
- Current Left and Right Torque Effectiveness
- Maximum Left and Right Torque Effectiveness
- Average Left and Right Torque Effectiveness
- Current Left and Right Pedal Smoothness
- Average Left and Right Pedal Smoothness
- Maximum Left and Right Pedal Smoothness
- Intensity Factor
- Normalized Power
- Specific Power
- Training Stress Score
- Calorie
- Power Kilojoules
- Lap Normalized Power
- Gear Ratio
- Gear Combo
- Gears
- Rear Gear
- Front Gear
- Di2 Battery Level
- Heading

Below data fields with optional Smart Heart rate monitor
- Heart Rate
- Average Heart Rate
- Maximum Heart Rate
- Maximum Heart Rate Zone
- Lactate Threshold Heart Rate Zone
- Maximum Heart Rate Percentage
- Lactate Threshold Heart Rate Percentage

- Smart Heart Rate Monitor BSHRM (Included with R530T) 
- Smart Speed Sensor BSS (Included with R530T)
- Smart Cadence Sensor BCS (Included with R530T) 
- Dual Sensor - Speed & Cadence Sensor BDS
- F-Mount BFM (Included with R530T)

Note: Heart and Cadence features apply for model R530T only

Additional Information

MPN / GTN 4718251592514
Brands Bryton
Delivery Method N/A

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