Weehoo didn’t start as a business venture but began as an attempt to keep the kids interested in a sport I love, biking. I had tried the other bike trailers for kids and found that if they weren’t terrifying, they put the kids to sleep. I was tired of having to choose between enjoying biking and bringing my kids, so I sat down and decided to solve the problem myself.


In early 2008 I began examining what made all the  trailers contrast in their effect on my kids, hoping to find the perfect middle ground of joy and safety. I set up a bench in my garage and utilized my engineering background to try and piece together a solution that would empower me to get outside with my kids.


Finally in late 2008 I had pieced together the first rendition of my bike trailer. It didn’t matter how it looked; all that mattered was what the kids thought. My son jumped in the seat excited to help his Dad try out this new invention. We rounded the cul de sac a few times until my son begged me to go faster. Thrilled to begin the real test I started adventuring around the neighborhood. Caught up in the moment I zoomed off of the sidewalk and heard my son shout


“WEEEEHOOO!!! This is great!” At that moment a light went off in my head. I began to imagine what it would be like if every parent could enjoy riding like this. Two years since the first exclamation of my son, the “Weehoo” was hitting the US market. Our success shot through the roof. By the end of 2010 we had reached the European market and a few countries around the globe! Five years and 50,000 trailers we are still growing and empowering parents to get out and enjoy the time with their kids in ways they never thought possible. We are glad to have you visit our website and encourage you to check out the touching stories of parents from around the world on our facebook page.  I look forward to seeing your adventure. Be Curious. Adventure more.

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