Balance Buddy

Balance Buddy


Balance Buddy is an Australian owned company, which is seriously committed to fun!


We sell balance bikes which are engineered for minimum wear and maximum fun for children aged between approx. 18 months - 5 years old.


The bikes are loaded with features that make them a safe and reliable option for your child, backed up by meeting and exceeding the highest EN71 safety standards.


Balance bikes have no brakes and no pedals, which is what makes them so easy for toddlers to  learn on.  Once a toddler is tall enough to be able to sit on the bike with a slight bend in their knees and both feet flat on the floor, they are ready to go!  At first, they will straddle the bike and move one foot and then the other to push the bike along.  Very quickly, their confidence will build as they find their natural point of balance and before you know it, they will be scooting themselves along and taking both feet off the floor.  


Children learn lots of skills from riding balance bikes including; balance, co-ordination, steering and most importantly, confidence.  Once they are confident on their balance bikes, you will notice their confidence improving in other areas of their lives and you may even start to notice that they learn faster too.

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