Icy winds, pouring rain, mud and slippery roads – for some, these conditions mean it’s time to hibernate, but if you’re a keen cyclist, you won’t let the dreary weather stop you from enjoying your bike. The key is to make sure your bike is in its best condition.


Bicycle maintenance in winter is very different to summer and you may want to make a few modifications to your bike so that you can continue riding throughout the season.


Do a lube and grease check

More rain and puddles means the grease and oil that are essential to the smooth running of your bike can get washed away, so keep a constant eye on parts that need grease to work properly. Your chain will need to have sufficient lube to flow smoothly. There’s an ongoing debate about whether washing a bike is a good idea or not, but it may be necessary if you’re regularly riding on muddy tracks or streets. If you do wash your bike, make sure you don’t wash essential grease away with the dirt.


Check your chain

Metal can become more brittle in winter and your chain may stretch faster in the cold. If your chain is worn, consider replacing it earlier than you might have planned so that you can be sure it will last until spring. 


Examine your brakes

And we mean more than just a quick look. Remove both wheels and check the surface of the rims for dirt and oil picked up from puddles, which may prevent your brakes from doing their job. If you see wear and tear, replace the brakes immediately.


Take a look at your tyres

Do yourself a favour and switch to puncture-protected tyres in winter so you’re not left out in the cold and far from home with a flat. Choose tyres with thick treads too, which will be safer on icy and wet surfaces. After every ride, remove any dirt or stones that have collected in the treads.


Park undercover

Exposure to the elements and extreme temperatures can damage the handlebars and seat. Store and park your bike undercover whenever possible or protect the vulnerable areas with a waterproof cover.


Use these tips to make sure your bike remains as reliable as you need it to be. Regular maintenance will keep it in perfect working order throughout the year and making an effort to be proactive will pay off in the long run. Contact the team at Bikes.com.au if you need to get your bike up to scratch for winter.   


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