Cycling is an effective way to get around, improves your health and doesn’t impact the environment, making it the transport of choice for 3.6 million people in Australia each week. But it doesn’t come without its hazards. Distracted drivers, pedestrians, road obstacles and even thieves can put a stop to your cycling habits, which is why bike insurance can be an important item to consider.


Different types of bicycle insurance will cover certain situations, however the following tend to be the most common:

  • Bicycle theft or damage
  • Injuries to self
  • Third party damage to person/property


These three situations have the potential to cause a lot of grief, both personally and financially, and insurance, although not always used, is good to have just in case any of these situations occur. Your level of cover will depend on your lifestyle, but you should consider covering yourself for these three occurrences.


Bicycle theft or damage


Returning to your bike, only to discover that it is gone, is enough to make any cycling enthusiast’s heart sink. Bike insurance can help cover the cost of your bike if it has been stolen or damaged due to theft, however, there are exclusions that you need to read over before you choose your type of insurance. Some insurance companies won’t cover parts of your bike, such as tyres if stolen by themselves and not along with the whole bicycle. If your bike is stolen from your house, specific factors will affect whether insurance will cover it such as signs of forced entry, doors and window locking and your presence at home. You should also make sure you are using an approved bike lock and always lock your bike to an immovable object, as this can affect the eligibility of your claim. It is important to ask your insurance company if your bike is covered when you aren’t at home, are away for racing or overseas.


Injuries to self


In Australia, you are covered by Medicare for certain costs if you go to hospital, however they won’t cover costs such as ambulance transport, dentistry or ongoing physical therapy as a result of a bicycle accident. Usually, any personal injury can be covered by health insurance, but for people without it, bike insurance can be used to fill in the gaps of Medicare after an accident. If you already have health insurance, bicycle insurance won’t cover you for things that health insurance can cover, but it could cover you for loss of income if you are unable to work due to a cycling accident. It is important to discuss what policy will best suit your needs with your insurance company.


Third party damage


Bike insurance can cover you for damage to third-party property, like side scraping a brand-new car or having a collision with a pedestrian. Some bicycle insurance companies can provide cover excluding this item, as well as exclusive third-party damage cover. This insurance would benefit frequent cyclists who ride on the road more so than hobby cyclists.


Bike insurance can cover a wide variety of situations, and it is important to consider how often you ride and your personal circumstances to determine the right type and level of cover for you. As you consider bike insurance, do you also need help selecting your new bike? Visit for a large selection of bikes and accessories, or contact us today for more info!