Your bike is an expensive asset, so preventing thieves from stealing it is a top priority. The best form of defence is a quality bike lock, and while no lock is completely impervious to sophisticated tools, a quality lock will put up a good defence. Unsure of how to choose the right bike lock for ultimate protection? Use this handy reference guide.


There are three main types of bike locks available and knowing the benefits of each will help you choose the right bike lock for your needs.


  • U-Locks

U-Locks are a popular choice for many bike owners and offer excellent security. The lock features a considerably large locking mechanism that resists the use of hammers and chisels. Also, the horseshoe shape can hinder attempts to break the lock by leveraging a crowbar. Depending on the size (small, medium or large), the U-Lock will lock one wheel or both wheels and the frame to a secure object.


The OnGuard Pitbull 8003 Key U-Lock is ideal for securing bikes and scooters and offers advanced protection, thanks to the X4P Quattro Locking Mechanism and TriRadius shackle made from hardened steel. Another great U-Lock option is the Kryptonite Kryptolok Combo Lock with a 13mm thick cylinder.


  • Cable Locks

Cable locks offer flexibility as they are easy to wrap around other objects. They are great for everyday use as they can be coiled up and kept on your bike. They also allow you to weave it through the bike, protecting the whole structure rather than just the frame. Choose a cable that is multi-braided with lots of thin wire strands as these are more difficult to cut.


The OnGuard Revolver 8140 Combo Coiling Cable Lock has steel cable as strong as titanium and is more secure and more user-friendly than anything else on the market.


  • Chain Lock

Chain locks are ideal for high-crime areas as they utilise a uniquely designed chain link that’s resistant to hacksaws and chisels and thwarts leveraging attempts. They are good at withstanding tensional (stretch) forces.


The chain of the Citadel Rome 75cm Key Chain Lock is constructed of solid steel and is security-optimised. The superior-quality cylinder offers the ultimate in lock-picking resistance.


All of these locks will have either a key lock or combination lock. Keyed lock designs accommodate flat or cylindrical keys and are used on many U-Lock brands and certain cable and chain locks. Combination locks are convenient as there is no need to carry a key, which can become lost.


Just the sight of a quality lock is often an effective deterrent for opportunistic thieves. Find the widest range of top-rated bike locks at now.