Tired of hearing other biking pros namedrop without understanding the difference between one brand and the next? Then you should take this opportunity to brush up on your bike brand knowledge. The best part is that we stock them all so you can order one from our huge range of quality bikes and find out for yourself!


AVANTI – Founded in 1985, this New Zealand bike brand has over 100 models and over time, their bikes have been the choice for Ironman participants from all over the world. Each bike is constructed from lighter-than-aluminium-but-stronger-than-steel ADT carbon fibre and aluminium alloy material, followed by a 100,000 cycles dynamic load test for endurance.


BIANCHI – This Italian brand was founded as far back as 1885. They’re most famous for their frames, which have been subject to intensive research and development, and are well known for being one of the first brands to use equal size wheels and rubber tires. Bianchi offers a range of triathlon bikes and endurance racing bikes, as well as cross-country mountain bikes and city bikes.


FOCUS – Focus offers all their bikes a 6-year manufacturer's warranty on its carbon frames and forks. In terms of range, this German-manufactured bike brand offers everything thing from mountain bikes to road, touring and cyclocross bikes – in addition to a range of branded cycling gear.


MALVERN STAR – A classic Australian brand with over 100 years of history, Malvern Star was the first Australian team to join the Tour De France in 1928. The brand combines modern technology with heritage design to offer bikes with incredible performances that offer eye-catching vintage looks.


MERIDA – A brand with over 25 years history. They have representation from Le Tour to World Cup MTB riders. A global brand with a product that is amazing value for money across a range of different categories.


SCOTT – A Swiss bike manufacturer, Scott Bikes was responsible for introducing the aerodynamic handlebar to the market. Despite originally being a skiing brand, they currently cater to both markets, and even were the bikes of choice for winners of a 2016 Olympic Gold Medal and the XCO World Championship award.


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